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Powerzone Bodybuilding Gym Blackpool.
Powerzone is our newly built weight lifting and bodybuilding gym area located in a building adjacent to the main Blackpool Gym and Spa area. The new gym area will be filled with brand new plate loading and stacked gym equipment, designed for the Blackpool bodybuilding market.

Plate loading machines and stacks:
Lying leg curl
Leg extension
V squat
Seated calf
Smiths machine
Ab Crunch
Pec fly/rear delt
New iso shoulder
iso high lat pulldown
iso single arm row
Deadlift platform

Long pulley row
Lat pulldown
Cable cross over
Adjustable Cable
6 sides

Iso decline chest
Olympic bench
Decline bench
Iso incline chest
Adjustable benches
Preacher curl bench

Plates and Dumbbells:
20kg black rubber discs
15kg black rubber discs
10kg black rubber discs
5kg black rubber discs
2.5kg black rubber discs
1 series curl bar with bearings
7ft steel series bars
olympic clamp collars
2.5-50kg rubber dumbbells solids ends and 2 racks


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